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The Flu Shot and Your Immune System – A Healthier Alternative

The flu, swine flu, H1N1, vaccinations..the list goes on and on and it’s taking over the news and other media forms the past couple of months.  Freehold Chiropractor, Dr. Russell Brokstein, educates the community and surrounding towns of Marlboro, Manalapan, Howell and Jackson, NJ about what the shots contain, many health risks and that there are healthier alternatives.  Many people don’t know the importance of chiropractic and how it can actually boost the immune system and allows the body to function optimally.  Dr. Brokstein of Hometown Family Wellness Center discusses these topics in the following video:

Whiplash…The Perfect Treatment is Chiropractic

Many people experience whiplash injuries whether it be during an auto accident, sports injuries, or other quick trauma to the head and neck that damages the soft tissues of the neck.  If not treated properly, the condition can become chronic and is more difficult to treat.  Dr. Russell Brokstein is a chiropractor who treats patients in Freehold, Marlboro, Manalapan, Howell and other surrounding areas in NJ who have suffered with whiplash and are looking for successful resolution of their condition.  Here, Dr. Russell discusses why chiropractic is the best treatment if you are suffering with whiplash: